December 16, 2009

i'll be under the table (thoughts on turning 40...)

today it hit me like a ton of bricks: i am turning 40 in less then a month. i am sitting at my desk looking at a box of "hello kitty" bandaids, wondering how this is possible.

i've never liked birthdays. i am bad with numbers and dates and forget everyone's bday. as a child i loved getting presents but hated the part when everyone sang "happy birthday". i would hide under the table and cry until it was over. i may adopt that same technique when i turn 40!

also, i have decided to stop dying my hair. it used to be naturally "dish water blonde". oh how i hated that term as a kid. now it seems to be coming in mostly gray. i'm hoping for some dish water blonde to return.

i just read the best quote from the news:

Brazil's most famous architect, Oscar Niemeyer, celebrated his 102nd birthday Tuesday in typical fashion: at work on projects rather than pondering his supercentennial age. "Turning 102 is crap, and there is nothing to commemorate!"

i think i'll adapt that quote for myself. turning 40 is total crap.


Groundcat said...

i'll still need you and still feed you when you're 64!

glittermom said...

ahh to be 40 again!