December 9, 2009

glittergirl's worry list...

oh, i am in high worry mode.......

things i worry about:

money & bills

the winter weather

my family

my friends

the dogs

my friend & family's dogs and cats

my job

my husband's job

the house

my hair

dead trees in the yard

the deer crossing the road

the chicken coop

the environment


germs & bacteria



the construction workers on the freeway

my health

everyone else's health (family, friends, dogs, etc...)

the holidays

my birthday

turning 40

getting more gray hair

accidentally cutting my fingers off with my fancy chef knife


the economy

billy joel

my blog sucking

running into people i haven't seen in years at the grocery store

bacteria on produce

parking lot accidents


crocs being out of business

oh, the list could go on and on!!!!


Anonymous said...

Dear Wemberly,

This will happen to you if you stop worrying.

glittermom said...

WOW! Now I am worried...