November 16, 2009

the pack, then & now......

we were looking at photos from the weekend and noticed how some of the pics were similar to photos from years gone by. it was sort of bittersweet to see the pics of our "old pack" and how things have changed. gilly isn't a replacement for our other dogs, she's just a new part of the pack. ( it is funny to see how she reminds us of cleo at times....)

here's our dogs back in 2007:

this was early 2009:

and this is from the weekend:

early 2009:

the weekend:

(note griffin is yawning in both pics...)

cleo in her favorite spot, guarding the barn:

gilly considers a career in barn watching:

gilly considers a career in pet grooming:

we've known some amazing dogs, i wish we could photoshop every one of them into a group picture!


Chris said...

wow, that's amazing to have those pictures like that. your pack of dogs has been and still is a wonderful group of animals.

glittergirl said...

yeah, it felt really....amazing, to see those photos put together. it reminds me of the cycle of life, how we grieve and heal, how we laugh again...

oh, i'm all sentimental this morning!

Groundcat said...

thank you

Groundcat said...

you should post an update