October 11, 2009

tons of typical photos and a story....

so i went to the grocery yesterday and bought more stupid roses. the boy at the checkout was talkative, and when he came to the 2 roses (in all their plastic and baby breathe) he didn't know what to do with them.

boy: um, do you want me to so with these roses?

me: oh gosh, i don't care, put them in a bag!

boy: you don't care? why are you buying them?

me: dude, it's because some dumbass i work with wants to get them for our boss! (laughing)

boy: dude, that sucks! and it's kinda gay.

me: dude, i know!!!!

boy: and isnt it, like, weird to get roses for a boss? don't they symbolize love and stuff? can't you get her some cheap bouquet of other flowers?

me: i don't know... this guy i work with is all into the idea.... it's dumb!

boy: are you gonna get money from that guy to pay for these?

me: god, probably not!

boy: dude, you're getting screwed on these roses...
me: I KNOW!!! DAMMIT!!!

and we both laughed and shook our heads.... the end.

griffin at the dog park, looking very worried....

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