October 7, 2009

back to incredibly random...

woodstock: we've been watching the DVD of woodstock this week. as i told chris, "woodstock was gross and i think everyone stunk. they all need hot showers and some deodorant. it’s nice on DVD because you can see the details, like dirt under richie havens fingernails. maybe they’ll come out with a scratch-n-sniff DVD? i bet it smelled like a wet pony the whole time." i just have such a strong dislike of a lot of the music from that time, and the whole hippie culture. but the movie is fascinating at times, especially the interviews with local townspeople.

i always preferred the peanuts woodstock.... in fact, i think my girl scout camp knickname was "woodstock", after the yellow bird, not the hippie fest!

griffin: it's been interesting spending time with griffin these days. he's never been an "only dog" and at times he seems bored, but he also loves the attention. click here to see griffin's original petfinder adoption ad. i'm still amazed when i think about the long, strange journey griffin and i have had. here's the first photo i took of dixie & griffin together. you can see the snow on his beard. and look how short his beard & eyebrows were!

micro pigs: of course i've been thinking about adopting another dog. griffin needs a friend. today i read about a popular new pet called a "micro pig". oh my gosh, i need one!!!!

my new car: i also need a 1955 dodge le femme to drive around with my micro pig.

merrill markoe: this is a funny lady. she created the late show with david letterman back in the early 80's. she invented stupid pet tricks and is a huge dog lover. she's written some hilarious books. and she's taken the high road with all the letterman scandal. her only comment so far has been, "Okay. Here it is. My big comment on Mr. Letterman... It is this: As you can imagine, this has been a very emotional moment for me because Dave promised me many times that I was the only woman he would ever cheat on." LMAO! here's a link to her website. here's a great interview about her bathroom artwork.

notes: i scribble a lot of notes. i have a running list of blog ideas and besides the stuff on today's post, i have something written down that makes no sense. i don't know what i was trying to write, but it looks like "IP Herman Shows". i have no idea what that means.....


Jody said...

Those pigs look AWESOME!

I want one.


erasetokill said...

This is entertaining stuff. I found you sort of by accident. Please do continue.

Chris said...

I was literally LOL when I read "smelled like a wet pony".

Perhaps IP Herman Shows has something to do with Pee-Wee Herman?

Welcome to the randomness, erasetokill

Mojito Libre said...

Micro pigs are an awesome idea! And when you tire of them, they make delicious pulled-pork sliders.