August 28, 2009

weird pics from the news & a list of songs

and here's a list of what's been on my ipod today:

song- artist

ooh baby baby- marianne faithful
miami - counting crows
bone in my ear- bruce cockburn
silence- the autumn defense
this charming man- the smiths
iron & wine- love vigilantes' (new order song)
mopper's medley- midlake
get up- the kinks
I still miss someone- nanci griffith
the new soft shoe- gram parsons
london- the smiths
last night I had a dream- randy newman
speed of the sound of loneliness- nanci griffith & john prine
sold to the nice rich man- the welcome wagon
the trapeze swinger- iron & wine
goin' home - dan auerbach
you don't miss your water- the byrds
railroad man- the eels
checkout blues- the eels
last night I dreamt that somebody loved me- the smiths
boots of spanish leather- nanci griffith
burn on- randy newman
earth intruders - bjork
bride of theme- eels
viz - le tigre
head home- midlake
stretch out and wait- the smiths
all is full of love- bjork
sinning hands- iron & wine
lamaze- harry nilsson
christine's tune- the flying burrito brothers
resolve- beth gibbons & rustin man
jeane- the smiths
jeff buckley- I wake up in strange places
midnight- ray charles
misfits- the kinks
it covers the hillside-midlake
trouble with dreams- eels

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glittermom said...

oh my GOD!! is that a baby monkey? I need one for my pocket...