August 17, 2009

total rampant randomonium!!!!

best album cover EVER:

(i snapped the pic of this album in record rev's window in coventry. i almost bought it! )

crabby husband:

trippy 70's artwork on ebay:

gumsdrops and weird yellow raspberries:

typical stuff i take photos of (barn & dead buckeye tree, etc..)

window shopping in coventry:

i work in the cloud building:

typical griffin pic & creepy black baby doll:

my new fall look:

i've been trying to find cool, comfortable work clothes, and this is my new fall look from walmart. purple bubble vest with bright yellow smocked shirt. sexy!

1 comment:

Chris said...

I've had way too much sun today, so I'm going to back and comment on as many of your posts as I feel like.

Are you seriously going to wear that puffy purple coat? If so, you need to take multiple pictures of it.