August 25, 2009

movie reviews and then randomness....

my snow baby...

billy the kid was really tough to watch. but worth the painful moments. here's an amazing article that tells the story way better then i could.

we watched "salesman" (by the directors of grey gardens) about 4 salesmen selling expensive bibles in some of the poorer neighborhoods.

Jamie Baker -- 'The Rabbit'
Paul Brennan -- 'The Badger'
Raymond Martos -- 'The Bull'
Charles McDevitt -- 'The Gipper'

they were all smokers, drinkers, and pretty hardened guys, travelling across the country, competing with each other to see expensive bibles that poor families couldn't afford. the film is amazing in that you get a glimpse into their sad & lonely lives.

well, we've got some good friends coming over to dog sit, and have officially booked our trip to little rock AR. we're going to arkansas in september, with temps averaging in the 90's, & where the cheese dog was allegedly created in 1956. i'm going to be "best man" in an old & dear & weird friend's wedding! this will be an adventure!

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sevnetus said...

I almost threw out a bible from my dead cousin, but I didn't. Maybe the translation is OK.