August 29, 2009

halloween 2 SUCKS

we just got home from seeing this film. holy shit, where to begin...

it sucked. there were so many actors in useless roles. and the main actors were really "actoring it up".

michael myers grows a beard and is some kind of vagabond. there were a ton of male characters with large teeth.

zombie's wife wears a lot of wigs. all the girls are skanky. the horse made us giggle.

if someone can explain the scene where the main character holds the baby pig, i will pay you money.

and the sort of dreadlocked hair.... who the hell has fake dreads in 2009? oh, wait, rob zombie does!

f this movie.


Dr. Zombie said...

I couldn't thave said it better myself, GG!

Of course I tried, but not as succintly as you.

Halloween 2 sucks indeed!

Matt said...

Yeah, I heard the warnings not to see this movie too, but I went started off good, then turned to sh!t. I deserve it though, because I'm obviously dumb. lol

Anonymous said...

Thank you Rob Zombie for killing the legacy of Michael Myers!! My brother and I are so pissed at this movie!! Man why Rob why??

Anonymous said...

Makes me not even want to watch the regular halloweens now