August 27, 2009

coming soon: insomnia blogging!

i've blogged about insomnia many times before. i've also talked about ambien and trying different medications, or going "cold turkey" and taking nothing.

i've been back on ambien for months. there’s no way to “ween off”. i’m taking my last 2 doses and then going cold turkey. i’ll have the weekend to adjust and then am off work all next week. my body will eventually remember how to sleep on its own. i’ll never fall asleep as fast as i do on ambien. and i’ll wake up more often in the night. but i remember when I was off it before, that i felt better and more alert during the day. taking it makes me feel like a zombie. my memory is horrible. i feel foggy.
when you stop taking ambien, there's something called "boomerang insomnia", where you just don't sleep for a night or 2.
i have to remember that not sleeping won't kill me. i'll get through it. and if i can't sleep, maybe i'll get up and post on my blog. or i'll draw pics. maybe learn how to use a yo-yo. i could paint the bathroom pink! or watch bad tv. so many options......

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