August 5, 2009

bloggy blog blog.......

this just in: blogging will get you a job. cnn story says so!

if you don't have a blog you may be missing a valuable boost to your career
your blog won't be an asset to you if it lacks direction and attention
a good blog can work for you whether or not you're employed
don't vent about annoying coworkers in the blog

oh.....well....maybe i can find direction, stop venting about annoying coworkers obsessed with subs, & boost my career. or i could keep posting random and pointless ramblings.

some recent funny headlines in the news:
irritated professor beans student with eraser
barefoot baby outsed from burger king
russian PM putin bares torso on vacation
twitter is down, are you freaking out?

yes, twitter is down today. here are some things i might have posted: i have a calco wheel in my purse and i'm not afraid to use it!
i cracked the code and now can recreate a starbucks skinny vanilla venti latte at mcdonald's.
ladies over 40: you should not have long hair! it's not flattering, ever.
i used to like monkeys, but now they kinda scare me.....


SDS said...

Dear Million Miles a Minute,
Sounds like you cracked more than one a them Lattes, Miss!

Groundcat said...

i think you've officially cracked your nut

Groundcat said...

wow, both SDS & I mentioned crack at the same exact moment in cyber space!

glittermom said...

Do I hear Thunder?

glittergirl said...

oh, i have so much more to blabber about. fanny packs, guys in cosby sweaters, water spouts, etc....

Anonymous said...

I should email my pal about it.