July 15, 2009

nature will kill you...

so this is the plant that caused me to blow up like a puffer fish and end up in the ER. i found a medical study that talks about people have really severe allergic reactions to psyllium. it's found in metamucil, and most laxatives and some bran cereal. it causes a reaction similar in some folks like bee stings or peanut allergies. it's good to know i'm not the only one who had this reaction!
of course i do have a history of some pretty bizarre medical problems.

i have to say that the decision i made saturday night, to "skip the wine and have a glass of metamucil instead!" is one i've come to regret. i've learned a valueable lesson: that eating healthy can kill you.


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James said...

Yes psyllium is really bad for your digestive tract and yet many laxatives actually use this ingredient to facilitate bowel movement.