July 18, 2009

by request....

i need to post something so that the pic of michael/farrah is not at the top.

click here to read an interview between beck & tom waits. here's a quote i loved:

It's like they found one of those van Gogh's at a garage sale. This woman bought it and she was using it to block out the sun in her kitchen. She was using it as a window shade, so it was getting all faded from the sun. And she cut it because it didn't fit the window. When they finally discovered she had a van Gogh as a window shade, they brought in all these experts from the museum and they were all filling in her living room and they said, "How can you cut off the top off this painting?" And she said, "It was just a little piece of the sky.

they also discuss the old oscar meyer weiner car, and here it is in the news today:

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