June 19, 2009

post vacation post...

before (old carriage barn) & after (sweet little guest house with loft):

the bed in the loft, and the view from the loft:

bedroom window w/ bird's nest & groundcat at breakfast in the inn:

we're home. we had an amazing 1 year anniversary & little get away. we went to the inn at brandywine falls. we stayed in an old carriage barn that was converted into a guest house, with a loft bed at the top. the place was really old, rustic, charming, and a little weird. our cottage was decorated with chickens, and a model train that ran across the top of the ceiling.

the innkeepers (katie & george) and my favorite chair:

we met louie, the old dog who lives at the inn. we got to see chickens and a really hyper goat. the innkeepers are an older couple who are perfect at what they do. they were entertaining and helpful, but also knew when to leave us alone. george is really funny, and told dan he liked his haircut. he bakes bread and brought us our breakfast the first morning. he fit a lot of food in a little basket.

louie & a chicken:

today we went in the inn to have breakfast with other people staying there. very non-hermit of us. they were part of a wedding party and seemed nice. the food was amazing and we got to snap pics of the house.

summit county bicenntenial barn, and smaller barn behind it:

we saw the falls, a train, some stained glass art, old barns, and the summit county bicentennial barn. we also drove through an old cemetery, ate pizza, took a ton of pics and petted a nice old dog. similar to what we do at home, and only an hour away, but it seemed "exotic"!

here are the almost 100 pics i uploaded to facebook.

us on our 1 year anniversary, at the falls:

ok, time to do the laundry and pet our dogs. don't tell them about louie!


glittermom said...

two big suitcases for two days? what are you Paris Hilton? Was that chicken your dinner?

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