March 3, 2009

spring is springing and blogging is random...

i pulled my back out yesterday morning, but still found the strength to get on the ground to take pics of flowers blooming. i'm so excited for spring to get here already!
in other news: my beloved suzuki sx4 finally got recommended by consumer reports! i feel like one of those parents with the "my kid is on the honor roll" bumper stickers. i know, that makes me a dork.
movies that make me angry without ever seeing them: nights in rodanthe, sex in the city, under the tuscan sun, new in town, confessions of a shopaholic, whhat happens in vegas. anything with kate hudson. i think we can safely assume i dislike "chick flicks" and "romantic comedies".
best healthy snack: jumbo raisins mixed with unsalted walnuts. yummy.
concerts: we've got tickets to see will oldham, one of my favorite musicians, twice. once in chicago and 2 months later in cleveland. he's an amazing musician and hardly anyone knows who he is.
ok, lunch break is over. back to the grindstone!


Chris said...

not to be a nay-sayer, but watch the raisins. a cup of raisins (depending on how densely packed they are) can range from 400-500 calories.

Homeopath said...

interesting blog

Groundcat said...

i love that picture.