January 11, 2009


i have some stuff floating around my big head i've been meaning to blog. not the usual pics of dogs, groundcat, barns, or my new household appliances. so here we go.....

i've blogged about hunter s. thompson before. there have been a crapload of books about old HST since he died. some good, some a little exploitative (if you ask me.) groundcat got me "the kitchen readings" for my bday and it's my favorite. the authors are 2 long time friends of hunter's (for over 30 years) and they just tell stories about what it was like to be in his life. they don't sugarcoat anything. sometimes HST was a really difficult man. he was complex and not at all like the charicautre of the "gonzo" journalist. he could be cruel. but he was also a generous and kind friend to those he loved. the book tells their story of 30 years of friendship that just seems very real and honest. i've read about 80 pages and so far have laughed out loud quite a few times, cried once, and shook my head in disgust once. interesting combo.

the photo above is from the book cover. it's got to be one of my favorite pics of HST. i did some research & found it was taken by one of his interns, about 1-2 years before he died. i just love the doll head in the background.


i caught a really odd comedian on comedy central yesterday. eugene mirman is weird and funny, and weird. i think the word for him is absurdist. just my type.

ok,now for something more status quo:
anatomy of my work desk (left-right): bottled water, "party mix" (which actually kind of sucks), laptop 1- reading a blog, lap top 2- doing actual work, laptop 3- a photo from our wedding reception, legal pad with work notes, scrap paper with grocery list, moleskin book with more work notes, diet green tea, more bottled water, files of printed crap with more notes that i never go back to read.


ginny said...

your desk is really neat....anything distract you while you are trying to write out your grocery list?

Mojito Libre said...

Hey, where are the cockroaches that are normally between Laptops 2 and 3?

glittergirl said...

ginnny- i actually did get "distracted" with silly work nonsense and forget my grocery list when i left for home.

mojito- hush! i don't like to think about the cockroachs. yuk.