January 5, 2009

still random in the new year!

it's a new calendar year, and i forgot to buy a new datebook! i panicked when i opened my datebook to write something down and there were no weeks left. (groundcat thought that meltdown was funny!) i ordered a cool new pink datebook from amazon and hope it arrives in the mail today. otherwise i feel like i'm stuck in 2008 still.

i've been keeping to my resolutions mostly. really i just wanted to make small changes to lose just a few pounds, nothing drastic. it took me a few years to gain this 20 pounds i want to lose, so i need to give myself time to lose it, right?

besides, copax sent me a link to a "zen blog" with this advice: "stop waiting for happiness. happiness is right here, right now." i really believe this. i think that there is happiness right now, in every moment. you just need to be able to see it. so i guess my "new" new year's resolution is to be able to appreciate the good stuff in the moment, while working to make improvements to my health so that i can be around to enjoy years and years of these "good" moments.

in other news: groundcat posted a really great video from xmas eve at my mom's. it really captures a family dinner, include the swearing, laughing, and dogs.

also: we watched 2 charlie chaplin films over the holiday weekend. the gold rush and modern times. both lovely. i liked the roller skating scene in modern times best. i had a lot more to say about chaplin and these movies, but i've had too much actual work to do today! damn this whole crazy "job" business!
well, i'll post some pics of chaplin and be done for now. maybe i'll post something interesting in the new year. or not. it's the new "zen" me. he he he....


Chris said...

I wish I could just follow that darn advice. you know. just do it. have it happen.

but for some reason I'm not capable of doing it right now. which is going to bug me until I figure out why.

ginny said...

i really like that advice too....imagine how at peace we would be if we lived each moment appreciating the moment etc.
jen, i like your resolutions.....they are good ones!

glittergirl said...

chris- i think it will happen for you, when the time is right. it's worth it to be bothered by this if it helps you get there!

ginny- thanks!!!!