January 28, 2009

crazy day.....

1. left work at my normal time. (no leaving early for contractors!) even went to the grocery store after work. was feeling awesome and telling the winter weather to bite me, then i got stuck in the driveway. my car was sticking out almost onto the road! it took us an hour to dig the car out. god knows if i'll be able to get out in the morning.

2. around 9:30pm we felt the house shake. thought maybe it was a little earthquake, or a tree falling. groundcat went to investigate and found nothing. 30 minutes later we saw breaking news that a house exploded on lakeshore, 2 cities away.

"residents in the area reported seeing a mushroom cloud of smoke and feeling the ground shake and thinking it was an earthquake."

i'm going to bed before anything else crazy happens!

1 comment:

ginny said...

yikes!!!! i hope today was better. maybe you guys should invest in getting your drive plowed.