January 19, 2009

at the doctor's office, bored, with random updates...

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my mom found this link to a slideshow of mickey rourke's face. this photo was the craziest:

also: while waiting at the doctor's office, i heard "wichita lineman" (glen campbell's version) and got teary-eyed! i looked it up online when i got to work, and was not surprised to find it was written by jimmy webb. he writes the most beautiful and sad songs. i was obsessed with "galvaston" as a kid, and i think it's the first song i learned to play on the keyboards (self taught.) i also love, "if these walls could speak", which is a sad bastard classic.

wichita lineman videos here, here, and here. (glen campbell, REM, and james taylor respectively.)

in other news: i am going to try to eat 10 servings of fruits and vegetables daily. click here for details. my doc suggested this instead of a traditional diet, since my metabolism is screwed up.

and now, more music: here's a link to a catchy sort of punk rock song. it's good for listening to on headphones at work.

here's a link to the worst unicorn artwork ever. totally not safe for work. in fact, not safe for anyone, anywhere.

and finally, 2 horrible celebrities:

who's worse, juliette lewis (who passes out scientology brochures) or joaquin phoenix (who is retiring from acting to be a rap musician)?


Groundcat said...

i see the slight look of panic & apprehension in your eyes

glittergirl said...

me no likey the doctor.

glittergirl said...

do jujyfruits count as a serving of fruit???

jnet said...

joaquin phoenix rapping is terrible. juliette lewis might be worse though...and it looks like she's letting her vagina talk into the microphone in that pic. (i hope that typing the word vagina in the comments here as upset you at least a little)