October 17, 2008

my blog apparently needs "sizzle"...

kristin wiig likes leaves and pink cake, so she's my new role hero...

i'm trying to add my little map and stat counter back to the blog. i like to see how many people find there way here, and where they come from. of course with facebook killing my poor old blog, i'm guessing the numbers have dropped. i need to drum up some blog drama or controversy!!!
this website promises sizzling ideas, like: write a tutorial (zing!) or create a mock competition (sizzle!!!) be opinionated (no way!!!) make a comprehensive list or review stats to see where visitors have come from (i've never done that!!!) sigh..... i've done almost everything on the GD list. must rack brain for some new and creative... for now random and cranky will have to do...

glittermom (who, besides being my own mommie dearest, is a part time, unpaid celebrity gossip reporter) tell me that david duchovney's wife is divorcing him for billy bob thorton. blech! i saw bbt open for elvis costello and he is a sucky bad musician. of course i caught him on the post-angelina divorce tour, so all the songs were pretty bitter & sad. and also not good. his cover of "the wind" is the only song on "enjoy every sandwich" (the warren zevon tribute) that i cannot stand to listen to. real bad.

although we saw a trailer for his new film manure and it looked really cool. the other trailer that has me completely intrigued is W. i had no interest until i watched the clip on EOB's blog.

sarah palin is going to be on SNL this weekend. that sucks. i hope tina fey stays away and let's palin fall on her dumb tina fey-ish face.

i love david letterman. i have loved him since discovering his old NBC show when i was in junior high (1983). here is the most recent reason to love dave.

another link stolen from pajiba: deep-fried soda. i love deep-fried food. it's one of my weaknesses. it's why i love the filet-o-fish. and deep fried pickles kick arse! as well as those deep-fried saurkraut balls i had in columbus. is anything bad deep fried?

so how many "joker-heath ledger" costumes will we see this halloween? or sarah palin? yawn.

kristin wiig is the best thing on SNL in years! she was the lawrence welk lady with tiny hands, and last night "the confused mccain supporter". good stuff, go watch! she's channeling cheri o'teri for sure.
well, i think that's it for today. all cranky, random and no substance. i will work on my sizzle.


Chris said...

Just for reference, here's the original crazy mccain lady..

He's an arab. No?"

ginny said...

all you have to do is set up facebook so that the user is automatically redirected to your blog without the option of using the back button to get back to facebook. the other thing you could do is create a pop-up ad for your blog. use your sizzling pictures to promote your website. you have a lot of computer friends...i am sure they can help.

Nomy said...

I agree with the Cheri O'Teri comment for sure!!