October 3, 2008

folksy = stupid

i watched some of the VP debate, but after a while had to turn it off. it was like nails on a chalkboard. i've been reading the media's take on the debates this morning. it seems like it's close to being a tie. that biden did a little better, but that palin didn't say anything as idiotic as she did during her interviews with katie couric.

my take on it was that she sounded like a more rehearsed and prepared moron. i finally found the word for what she was going for: folksy. this CNN article hits the nail on the head.

she talked about "joe 6 pack" and soccer moms. she had a lot of "you betcha!" and "dog gone it!"s. she seemed excited to use the "say it ain't so, joe..." comment. she thinks she's witty, down to earth, homespun and folksy. all she did was exceeded some very low expectations. she never really gave an answer that was in depth. it was all slogans.

i was looking for a photo of palin to add to this post. there's a funny shot of her winking during the debate, and quite a few pics of her shoes. that says a lot. i'm gonna go with a photo of a hippo eating a pumpkin instead.


Chris said...

I feel semi-famous. I was following the Live Blog on Indecision 2008 and one of my comments got used by the Live Blogger (see 10:49 pm)

Indecision 2008 Live Blog

10:49 - From the comments: "I think she nailed it in terms of poise and presentation, but she came across forced, rote, and empty to me. Joe stammered, made grammatical errors, but he felt more real, honest, and open to me." - copax

glittermom said...

Aren't you suppose to be working now?


oh wow! very cool!!!!

jnet said...

i saw your comment on that blog copax, you are famous!!!

also, for the record- folksy= makes me want to punch in the throat.

Nomy said...

A little somethin' for ya!