October 18, 2008

cake, work, downtown, ray jay....

here's my view from the desk i sit at, and another shot of my corner. i spend so much time here, i guess that's why i feel compelled to keep taking photos of it.

go check out my photos of downtown cleveland. it's sort of my version of downtown with ray jay, pigeons, and weird alleys. also, some pics from the house of blues.

fyi- ray jay is the homeless guy who stands in front of my building. he's been there for years, and even appears on the google satellite photo map last i checked! i talk to him when i'm out with smoking co-workers. our conversation yesterday went something like this....

ray jay: hey! hey! hey! i need to tell you who to vote for!!!
jen: dude, i'm not registered.
ray jay: yeah, but if ya are, vote for me!!!
jen: well, i'll need to take your photo if i'm gonna vote for you.
ray jay: yeah!!!!!!! i'll see you on the bus later, ok?
jen: of course.

and now, more about cake:

here's the bakery that's making our belated wedding reception cake. "baker babes" are a small, local bakery, started by 2 childhood friends. they do some amazing things, including an election cake competition. but if we lived in asia, we'd use this bakery for sure!!!! (click the asian bakery link if you only ever click one link on this entire stinkin' blog. it's worth your time.)

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glittermom said...

That bakery stuff is disgusting...ewwwww