July 31, 2008

photos and captions

(pretty new guitar and downtown in the summer heat.)

(horrible pic of me, but funny. the handsome couple.)

(mysterious door at work, and mysterious....whoosit-whatsit on the wall.)

(caveman banner outside my office window, and they still sell lard!)

contest: if anyone can tell me what that whoosit-whatsit is on the wall outside my office door, i will give you something real cool.


Chris said...

It's a portal to another dimension. but the portal is only big enough to hand snack food through. You either open it and pass a bag of doritos/corn nuts/fiddle faddle through, or open it and hope that the other dimension being passes you through some rare other-worldly delights.

why am I still awake and commenting on your blog with nonsense?

Mojito Libre said...

Toilet seat?

Chris said...

ha! toilet seat....maybe an inter-dimensional toilet seat!! pshhh :-P

glittermom said...

I believe its an escape hatch for tiny people...Not to be comfused with midgets...but where it leads is another story...also do not open that door at the endd of the hall...I believe it exits right out the building...straight down...

blueyonderchild said...

Don't know about the thingy on the wall, but did you notice the lard isn't just lard, it's refined lard!

Hey, just needed an excuse to let you know I stopped by!'

Love ya!!!