September 25, 2007

we were sitting around at work, talking about public speaking. who's good at it, who hates it (me.) people started reminising about elementary school plays, church choir solos etc...

so i busted out my favorite story, about how our 5th grade teacher tried to make history "more interesting". she decided to assign us a project to actually renact some important moment from history. i was 9 years old and the possibilities were....boring.

then i read about the romans and the vomitorium. i talked my group into donning togas and re-enacting a roman meal. we sat around and ate and drank and laughed, then got up and walked behind a wall and pretended to puke our guts out.

we walked out laughing and started eating more. the teacher turned red, then maybe green, and screamed at us to stop.

good thing i didn't know about caligula!

ok, i am off to attend a 3 hour meeting on something called "synthesis"....

p.s. dan's favorite website says that vomitoriums are a myth! dammit!

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glittermom said...

How sad we finally know the whole truth...If you had checked your wikapedia you would have known..