September 27, 2007

super random blogging.........

spearmint= horrible, peppermint= wonderful. why???

just as i was typing this, i had this conversation with b-hax:

b-hax: cruncy or creamy?
b-hax: crunchy
me: no way
me: creamy, always
b-hax: why do they even make crunchy?
me: for the weirdos
me: also, peppermint or spearmint?
me: peppermint
me: f*ck spearmint!!!
me: right?
b-hax: what are the blue icebreakers?
b-hax: I am hooked on those
b-hax: c00l mint
me: blue is usually indicative of peppermint
me: green is spearmint
me: so you should be ok
me: i got a pack of gum, it was some kind of sugar free tropical fruit
me: but also COOL and minty
me: horrible, vile, disgusting!
me: now i have to go online and find out what kind of gum it was
me: no time for work!!!!

next topic: i've noticed in older movies, that they showed people working with computers in lab coats. they were "computer scientists" i guess, and in films they are in white lab coats, in big white rooms full of huge computers, and they always had a clip board. am i right??? i am trying to bring the lab coat look back, but so far none of my IT friends are joining me.

also: me and groundcat caught the end of "dolores claiborne" last night, we we were saying how it's a very upsetting movie to watch. i started thinking about the movies that have upset me, given me stomach aches and generally disturbed me. here's my list of the most upsetting films:

1. sybil
2. this boy's life
3. prince of tides
4. bastard out of carolina
5. the ring (the scene where the horse flips out and ends up jumping off a boat)
6. 'night mother
7. the elephant man
it's interesting to note that 5 of the films listed are all based on memoirs and true stories.

final topic: i like this new multiply website. my homepage is here and i created a special group here!


glittermom said...

I don't have time to be checking all these new fangled blogs of yours...keep it simple...One blog...when I started in the computer working world they were huge and in glassed in rooms with special temperatures...I don't think they wore lab coats but a pocket protector was required...

glittermom said...

Also I see you used your geek/nerd picture on your new blog...haha

uc freak said...

Wow. 'Night Mother. No one has ever seen that. I was introduced to that by an ex-boyfriend who was molested and depressed. Also, I was working with kids were who very depressed and some suicidal. I think that movie is terrible for anyone comtemplating suicide, as it really removes arguments holding them back. I love that movie, but cry so long.
Sybil has had some controversy. A therapist who worked with Sybil later said that basically the Joanne Woodward therapist had Sybil name her emotions/experiences as different 'personalities'. They were not actually split personalitites. There is also debate about whether there is any true multiple personalities. Many people who have had this have been proven fakes.
Just trying to start an argument... Is there any multiple personalities? mental illness? Or is NAMI some money sucking cult??? :)

SDS said...

I have a terrible time with rape scenes. This is why The Accused, Platoon, and The Prince of Tides are tops on my Upsetting List.

Strangely enough, I put off watching The Proposition forever because it's very violent. I was skeptical about the whose idea of Nick Cave writing and scoring a Western. But I really loved it. It was violent and beautiful. I would recommend it.

glittergirl said...

uc freak- yeah, 'night mother really does sort of remove any arguement against suicide. but maybe that's ok. maybe someone contemplating suicide should watch it. i mean, the character in the film is 100% certain she wants to end it all. and after they watch it, they should have to also watch "the bridge", to see the other side of things, interviews with people who attempted suicide and "failed", and how relieved they are to have a 2nd chance.

as far a sybil and multiple personalities go, that's a tough one. i do think that her case did get "out of hand" in the media and maybe her doctor exploited it. or maybe her doctor "framed the pitch" and sort of pushed her into the multiple personalities thing to the extent she reported.

i also think a lot of psychiatrists have been guilty of following trends, like multiple personalities, repressed memories, etc...

that being said, i also believe that in some cases, these things do exist. maybe not as many as are diagnosed during a particular "frenzy", but they do exist. mental illness is very real and very painful.

sds- yeah, rape scenes are just hard for anyone. "bastard out of carolina" is the worst, and i had read the book so i knew what to expect. i guess i just didn't expect it to be filmed so straight-forward. "prince of tides" too. but they are both beautiful films, and real stories, events that people survived, so maybe that's the reason to see these films.

also, you love the nick cave. :)

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I read Bastard Out of Carolina too and I want to watch it like I want to eat a geoduck.

I'm sorry to diappoint, but I'm 100 Percent Pro Crunchy Pro Spearmint.

glittergirl said...

do they make a cruncy spearmint gum?

glittermom said...

"Spanking the Monkey" now thats a disturbing movie...

SDS said...

Happiness By Todd Solondz. Now there's an expertly made, wonderfully acted movie that's so fucking depressing I question its' existence!

glittergirl said...

god, i forgot all about solondz! reynolds forced me to watch "happiness" the moment i got off the plane to visit him in NYC a few years ago, and i still haven't forgiven him!

"palindromes" is worse. UGH! groundcat got me to watch that one and i am still sick just thinking about it.