September 2, 2007

over yonder on the photo album blog, i am posting a ton of work pics. it's going to be pretty boring to most folks, but i've been there 2 years now, and wanted to show my peeps and homies where i spend a lot of my time.

it's a beautiful old building and i can't capture it without a better camera, wide angle lens and some time. the problem was that walking around taking photos like a tourist seemed to freak people out! the place was mostly deserted because it was a company holiday. so i grabbed my camera on the way to lunch and started snapping pics.

i wanted to capture the feeling that i get in the building, like i am in some "frozen in time" cleveland. the basement of the building has an "arcade" where i go get lunch at the lemontree cafe, buy crap i don't need at 3 brother's sundries. it feels like cleveland circa 1979, and most of the people down there are old enough to have been around during that time. (probably angry smoking up in the office where i sit now!)

i also got pics of "the pit", where i have been holed up for 2 years. i was the only one in that day so it was empty. i walked over to talk to the developers and watch the airshow, and snapped pics of crabby john (j-rizzle), charliepants, and south african (not scottish nor austrailian!) alistair. these guys make work occasionally fun.

i got shots of some of the beautiful views out the windows, as well as the ugly painting i see when i walk in everyday. they are sorted all random and what not, and i don't have the energy to sort them.

dig it.

after posting work pics, i am gonna post photos i took at an old magic shop going out of business.


glittermom said...

is that a picture of Griffin with a mask on?

Anonymous said...

Where's that old magic shop at? I can't believe you've living with Dan for TWO years now!? I was just telling my mom how it's "almost been a year..." Guess I was wrong. Time flies, especially when you're getting old and feeble like me.

glittergirl said...

no, i've lived with dan for 1 year, and worked at e&y 2 years. duh!

yeah, it feels like i've been with dan for a long time. but in a good way!

that "olde thyme magic shoppe" is on 305, by the railroad tracks. very cool and lotd of old stuff. i think you and i went once!

Anonymous said...

Shark-bitten in a chair, shells braided in her hair!