September 28, 2007

i'm tired and cranky and feeling "blah". i've been fighting a little head cold all week. i've tried bossing this cold to either "put up or shut up" but so far it's just hanging around, not fully kicking in, but not going away either. even pics of fat elvis babies, dan stealing cake, steve carrell & will farrell (presenting the award for best makeup in a film), and jennette acting like a dumb robot are not cheering me up!

me= whiner

even "vacation kitten" isn't cheering me up. ok, well maybe a little.... i'm not made of stone for god's sake!!!!

also, i have realized something important. it's going to be hard to take for some of my friends and family, but i have to say: i don't like zombie movies. i don't get it, i don't find them funny or cool or interesting. i know i'm supposed to like zombie movies, all the cool kids do.

another thing: the city i live in (mentor, OH) is something i've been wanting to blog about for a while now. it's an interesting city, very middle-american. the pics of the local city council show a lot of white guys in navy suits, and there are all kinds of civic pride things.

from wiki: "The city slogan is "It's better in Mentor," which almost rhymes because locals pronounce the city's name "men-ner", although in the media, "men-ter" is prominent "

the best thing about "men-ner" are the names of stores, or "shoppes" as they like to say. there are so many "shoppes", some of them "olde thyme shoppes"!!!

i am thinking of renaming the blog glittergirl in thine olde thyme shoppe..... (i just need to figure out how to blog with one of those cool old quill and feather pens!)

and finally: today was a "dress casual for the cure" day and i forgot! so, does my not wearing denim (and not paying $5 to wear denim) give some kid cancer? also, who still calls jeans "denim"? "wear dungarees to help kids hurt in conestoga wagon accidents!" day is next week. (and yeah, "the office" did a great parody on this last night, no doubt stolen from my blog...)


glittermom said...

Yah the teen kids love the zombie movies...I say you've seen one zombie you've seen them all...

Anonymous said...

finally those of us who do not dig zombies can come out and say it!

Groundcat said...

player haters!

I say "living dead, enough said".

May you all have your brains devoured by George Romero!

Groundcat said...

OH, and by the way Felicia Felix-Mentor was the first zombie.

coincidence? i think rot.