September 8, 2007

gosh, i thought i had all kinds of interesting, funny stuff to say. but i am still recovering from work insanity. i've been writing myself little notes on "ideas for the blog". so now i'm all set to blog everyone's socks off, and all i seem to have jotted down is this:
  • pasta is boring
  • my #3 hated band (after the doors and rush) is the red hot chilli peppers
  • skinny hipster guys should not wear tight-fitting girl jeans
that's all i got. i know i had some thoughts on how much i hate irony these days. somehow connecting napolean dynamite & rock stars with ironic 1970's porn mustaches, with the death of real humor. it could have been an entire dissertation!

but alas, my brain is fried and this is all i got. sorry!

(and damn it all to hell, i know i've seen photos of ryan adams in those tight girl jeans, but i can't find a good one online anywhere.)


SDS said...

You cannot steal my bits about RHCP and Boys in girls Jeans.

But since I have amazing blog ideas but no time to blog, I'll give you a gift.

I actually found a FRIGHTENING ASS photo of John Frusciante without a long sleeved shirt. The needle scar tissue has completely obliterated several of his tattoos.

I will email it to you for Halloween.

SDS said...

I wrote this way back last summer,

Skinny campus boys in girls jeans love Pabst Blue Ribbon, by the way. There is not room for a lot of money for Guinness when your pockets are the size of band-aids, I guess. I made up a song for them to sing when I am behind them in line buying their PBR at Giant Eagle. I'm not afraid of them, they're no Frank Booth.

Set to a weird mix of the Star Wars Theme and Volaré!

Girls Jeans
I'm wearing Girls Jeans
I look like a Girl Dream
In my Girls Jeans...

glittergirl said...

dammit, i totally plagerized SDS's blog! and she's right, they all drink PBR and think that makes them hip. pissy beer does not make you hip!