September 4, 2007

a blogging assignment:

just an idea i have. everyone who blogs, i would ask you to do this: for the next week, each day,list one thing you are grateful for. it can be something silly like a nice latte from starbucks, or something big like being grateful for finding the love of your life. list at least one thing each day for one week, then post the results.

do it because you've been bossed!


Anonymous said...

How 'bout here? My readers would be all freaked out if I started blogging the positive.

Okay. So my boss was in a pretty bad motor cycle accident (in freaking Nashville!!) and I'm grateful that he's mostly okay.



glittergirl said...

yeah, feel free to list stuff here.

Whitey said...

BLOGing is of the DEVIL!!! The fuzz comes after you and next thing you know, you're someones bitch...