September 10, 2007

ah, back to work. it's the calm after the storm. getting a lot of thank you emails and congrats. most of my team is on vacation or shifting to other parts of the project. "multi-location" is down to just me and a girl in india. it's gone "live" and to the world, so now we wait to see what the users think. so far so good... after a little down time, we will starting planning for phase 2 and all the improvements slated to be delivered.

everyone has been asking me about that late night conference call, and why i screamed at one point. i forgot to tell this story: around 12:30am, dan let the dogs out. when he let them in, a huge moth also flew in. it came flying right at me while i worked in the nook. i screamed something about, "dan, kill it! it's flying at me!!! AH!!!" then dropped my phone. i guess people in atlanta, india and cleveland were laughing, trying to guess what was attacking me. thankfully dan was there to kill moths and make me sandwiches while i was stuck on that all night call.

besides the big moth attack, we've also been inundated with spiders. big ass spiders, all over the place. they are building nests all over the yard and when we leave the house in the morning, they've covered everything with their webs. they are huge and stripped. and they are building webs in front of the doorways. like they are trying to trap us inside. i've tried to take photos, but they hear my voice and scurry off. they also don't like the camera flash. our spiders are not fans of the paparazzi.

so it's turkey vultures, giant spiders and moths the size of kittens. i can't wait for winter when they all go away. also, check out the horrible skeleton/spider thing we got. i think the spiders outside will like it.....

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Groundcat said...

do you think us buying that skeleton spider attracted the other spiders? maybe we captured one of their Gods!! let's bring it to your mom's and see what happens.