July 27, 2007

i still have lots more vacation stuff to post (photos and stories.) but for now, some non-vacation items.

1. david has moved skullranch to a blog! welcome to the world of free crap blogs! go click his link under "peeps and homies" and it will redirect you to his new blog. unless he screws it up, then i am not responsible.

2. dan found this video for me on youtube. i..... don't know what to say about it..... i know i am rarely at a loss for words. um... it's the funniest, worst bit of "dancing" (and i use the term loosely) in all of film history.

friday the 13th, part 5. sucked ass, not good at all. except for the character "violet". she's the sullen punk rock girl. when jason kills her, she's in her room, being sullen and doing some kind of robot dance/ vogue/ mime routine.... ah, just watch it!

1 comment:

glittermom said...

anyone with dance moves like that should be put out of their misery.