July 30, 2007

final vacation pics from vacation (extra glittery!)
ok, i am back to work for the first time in over a week. spending my morning catching up on emails and uploading vacation pics on the sly. copax will be proud of me...

all in all, i shot about 400 photos during my 9 days off. i love my old digital camera! i bought it from my little sis years ago and it's now covered in duct tape (since cleo knocked me into the bushes and broke it.) when this camera dies i will be sad.
i hope everyone enjoyed our vacation pics! i am working on an entire photo album of nothing but pics of groundcat looking crabby. it will make a nice coffee table book someday.

go to my online photo album to see blurry pics of amish folks (i didn't want to be rude and use a flash!) i have pics from the weird and wonderful tv & radio museum (see groundcat's blog for a lovely little write up of that place.) i also uploaded photos of an old cemetary we found, a creepy junk store, a huge old hardware store, and a crazy sparkle store.
ok, time for lunch. i need to go watch this horrible "wire therapy" video dan & david have discovered. it looks horrible. and then i need to start planning our next vacation!

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Anonymous said...

That's a great picture of mean ol' Dan and his magic glowing guitar!