July 2, 2005

this is a photo of my cat hank. he has taken to sleeping in a grocery bag, every night for a month now. i can understand why. things around the charlton estate haven't been all fun and games. broke up with my boyfriend, running low on funds, and a messy house. i am taking today to just be lazy, do a little cleaning and update my blog. i had my "weigh in" today for weight watchers. 1 week and not cheating, and i didn't lose a pound. but i am not giving up (cue katrina and the waves "walking on sunshine".) actually, cue a good song. paul simon's "graceland"

there's a girl in new york city who calls herself the human trampoline/ and sometimes when i'm falling, flying or tumbling in turmoil i say oh, so this is what she means/ she means we're bouncing into graceland....

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